Thursday, September 9, 2010

No fear, No guilt, No regrets…

It’s time to say goodbye
I heard a whisper in my thoughts…
Let go of the memories
Your sorrow will drift slowly
the moments will float quietly away
As the clouds do in the wind,
Time will heal…
The voice gently calmed my tears.

I gasped!

How can I forget?
the moment we sang in the rain… hand in hand!
Danced in the moonlight… eye to eye!
Shared our passion in a cold sunrise
And a dream in a feverish sundown… soul to soul!
Without memories, we will perish and decay…
without memories, the scent of our affection will fade
the taste of our love will vanish in the air.
How can I ever… forget the moments?
That taught me to move on…
“with no fear, no guilt or regrets”

Cyrus H. Mafi Copyright 2010

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