Friday, August 20, 2010


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I like to thank you all my flickr friends around the world whom some I'm yet to meet... for the inspiration and the lasting impact that you have made in my journey...
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I don’t believe in angels,
But I trust them.
I don’t believe in destiny,
But it follows me everywhere I go,
I don’t believe in heaven,
But respect the rain, when it pours!

I don’t believe in tears,
But I trust the comfort they bring me.

I don’t believe in fear,
yet trust a winding road
For it may some how
Lead me to a crimson wave.

I don’t believe in the pitiful gaze
that bring me down
But I trust a reaching hand
to help me stand up.

For I “believe” that “trust”,
will someday save me…!

Cyrus H. Mafi Copyright 2010

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