Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bliss...! Olympic National Park WA

As look deep in the west,
where the ocean soars through an age old journey,
trying to find it's inner self,
I seek fervently to caress the inner you!

Your eyes are the passage to the sea, I thought
taking me through a vast path to the past.

your hair is the waves, crashing by the wind, I thought
softly seducing the soul and the mind

your heart is the warmth of an afternoon dream, I thought
filled with emotions rising with the tide,
washing the sandy shore.
As the cold, misty breeze spattered along the rocks,
I heard your voice…
gently inviting me to keep you warm…

I wiped the salty tears off the shore of your lips.
As you looked down
to escape the crying clouds…

I held your hands
As I cherished your intoxicating breathe on my shoulder

Let’s dance, you asked
I smiled as I grasped your soul stroking mine…
we danced…
And in a moment filled with bliss,
love and ecstasy,
We became one!

Cyrus H. Mafi Copyright 2010

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