Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hunger...! Basauli India

Hunger...! Basauli India
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A tribute and Special thanks to my Friends Shobeir Ansari and Rosi Wesiak for their emotional support and artistic presence...

I had just arrived in Varanasi's train station. It was a nice spring morning. Sundeep and Shobhit (his childhood friend) were waiting for me as the train came to a slow stop.
Sundeep and I met last year during my first trip to Varanasi. A man with the heart of an angel and the soul of an eagle!

Last year, Sundeep and I had talked about how to be able to join our efforts to be a part of helping hands in the vast ocean of Indian humanitarian challenge.

Last year, I left India feeling disappointed… disappointed in myself, disappointed in a world that is quick to exploit the resources of helpless people and spit out the leftover to decay in time. I was disappointed in the local government who not only has accepted this faith by doing minimum at best, but also in the people themselves who comfortably blame the past to excuse the future!!!

I remember asking Shobhit… How can we help alleviating the most basic needs of the people here? Shobhit looked at me, smiled…They need life, Cyrus… LIFE, he said and that you can’t give them…
A year later back in Varanasi, this time with the help of an amazing supportive team and the formation of Impact a Life Foundation we will attempt to do exactly that…

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