Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keeper of the seeds… Dhulikhel, Nepal

A generous gift
from the holy divine
A green field of rice…

As the grains awake
in one spring morning,
they pull down the stalks that nourish them…
Like a pregnant woman,
bearing the seed of survival!

Caressed by the morning breeze
The crops wave with the wind…
“I am witnessing God’s better creation”
... I think

She lifts up her head…the woman in red
Shakes off the morning dew
off her forehead
or sweat of a humid morning maybe!

I’m the keeper of the seeds, she says
I’ve been, for many dawns…
Many dusks....
And countless draughts…

I’m the keeper of the seeds, I hear
As I admire the wrinkles
On her face…

“Cyrus H. Mafi Copyright 2009”

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