Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Survival! Iran Tehran

Survival! Iran Tehran
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The Kid said: Hi… Remember us?

You see us from time to time
on the corner of here or there,
Selling gums and fortune coockies...

We walk the sidewalks,
Sleep in the back allyes!

This is my little bro…
I’m showing him the ropes today
Secrets of the trade as you say…
Todays lesson: "Survival "

This is our family business, you know
Passed on from my dad to me as from his dad to him…
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So I’m born a business owner
An entrepreneur, as you say
And that’s a good thing… I guess

It is not easy to work the streets
It takes charisma and charm!

So help out next time you see my little bro.
Be kind,
Buy a gum or two

Remember me,
For who knows
Someday, you may work for me
And I promise to be kind to you,
For I would remember you!

“C.H. Mafi Copyright 2008”

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